telecomunication inventions

Timeline created by Carla Esteva Oviedo
  • telegraph-Samuel Morse

    telegraph-Samuel Morse
    A telegraph is a machine used to transmit coded information using electrical signals. These devices were characterized in their time by the speed for the transmission of data and by the distance they were capable of reaching.
  • telephone-Graham Bell

    telephone-Graham Bell
    It is a device that allows to transmit sounds at a distance by means of electrical signals
  • radio-Guillermo Marconi

    radio-Guillermo Marconi
    Radio is a technology that enables the transmission of signals through the modulation of electromagnetic waves, which do not require a physical means of transport, so they can propagate both through air and space.
  • television-John Logie Bard

    television-John Logie Bard
    Television is a system that is used to transmit and receive sounds and images that appear to be moving, at a distance using a broadcast device. Transmission can be achieved through radio waves, cable television networks, satellite television ..
  • computer-Konrad Zuse

    computer-Konrad Zuse
    it is an electronic machine that receives and processes data with the mission of transforming it into useful information.
  • tablet-Alan Kay

    tablet-Alan Kay
    Portable digital device with the features of a PC, larger than a smartphone integrated into a touch screen with which you interact primarily with your fingers, without the need for a physical keyboard or mouse.
  • mobile phone-Martin Cooper

    mobile phone-Martin Cooper
    A mobile is a device capable of receiving calls or messages wirelessly. This type of capacity is due to the fact that the transfer is made through antennas with which it interacts.