telecommunications inventions

Timeline created by Mar Salom
  • telegraph (Samuel Morse)

    telegraph (Samuel Morse)
    The telegraph is a device or device that uses electrical signals for the transmission of coded text messages, through wire lines or radio communications.
  • telephone (Alexander Graham)

    telephone (Alexander Graham)
    It is a small device, which has endless functions, the processing and exchange of information, the connection to a network, all of this through an internal and unlimited memory.
  • radio (Guillermo Marconi)

    radio (Guillermo Marconi)
    It is an electronic device that allows you to listen to an emitter using electromagnetic waves.
  • television (Alexander Graham)

    television (Alexander Graham)
    Television is a remote image and sound transmission system through Hertz waves.
  • computer (Konrad Zuse)

    computer (Konrad Zuse)
    It is a computing device that is capable of receiving, storing and processing information in a useful way.
  • tablet (Alan Kay)

    tablet (Alan Kay)
    It is a device like a computer without a keyboard and a larger mobile.
  • mobile phone (Martin Cooper)

    mobile phone (Martin Cooper)
    It is a means of electronic communication using electromagnetic waves.