telecommunications inventions

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  • Telegraph

    Claude Chappe /is an apparatus or device that uses electrical signals to transmit encoded text messages, such as Morse code, over wire lines or radio communications
  • telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell/Communication system that transmits voice and sound over long distances by electrical or electromagnetic means.
  • radio

    Guillermo Marconi/ A musical program is one whose fundamental element is music. In it, indicative of the station are interspersed with the presentation and audition of musical themes
  • television

    Philo Farnsworth/ System of transmission of images and sounds at a distance by means of hertzian waves.
  • computer

    Konrad Zuse /The computer, also called computer or computer, is a programmable digital machine that executes a series of commands to process the input data, obtaining convenient information that is subsequently sent to the output units.
  • tablet

    Alan Kay /is a portable electronic device larger than a smartphone or PDA
  • mobile phone

    mobile phone
    Martin cooper/a telephone with access to a cellular radio system so it can be used over a wide area, without a physical connection to a network.