Invertir en tecnologia

telecommunications inventions

  • Telegraph.

    Samuel Morse. The telegraph is a device used to communicate at a distance. It uses electricity to send coded messages through the wires. The telegraph is a device that uses electricity to send coded messages over cables.
  • Computer.

    Charles Babbage. The first large and expensive digital computers were used primarily for scientific calculations. ENIAC was created for the purpose of solving the ballistics problems of the United States Army.
  • Radio.

    Guillermo Marconi. Image result for why Guillermo Marconi invented radio Marconi's idea of ​​radio was not that of a mass media. In fact, when he had to start looking for potential buyers for his device, the first thing he did was go to the shipping companies
  • Thelephone.

    Alexander Graham Bell. referred to as a device that transmitted sounds through a cable through electrical signals. Bell was long considered the inventor of the telephone, along with Elisha Gray.
  • Television.

    John Logie Baird.The first time something appeared on a television screen was on January 26, 1926. The protagonist was the puppet of an inventor, John Logie Baird. This always believed in the possibility of transmitting images by waves, just as the radio did.
  • Tablet.

    Allan Kay. The truth is that the first use of tablets was to recognize writing. The first patent for an electronic "tablet" used for handwriting was granted in 1888 with the "Teleautograph", a kind of precursor to the Fax.
  • Mobile Phone.

    Mobile Phone.
    Martin Cooper. The cellular system was created to meet the demand for mobile communication within a limited radio frequency spectrum.