Timeline created by de los Santos, María
  • Telegraph - Joseph Henry

    Telegraph - Joseph Henry
    Device that uses electrical signals to transmit encrypted text messages.
  • Telephone - Alexander Graham Bell

    Telephone - Alexander Graham Bell
    Device to talk to someone in another place.
  • Radio - Guglielmo Marconi

    Radio - Guglielmo Marconi
    An electrical device that receives radiotelegraphy or radiotelephone waves and transforms them into sounds or signals.
  • Television - John Logie Baird

    Television - John Logie Baird
    System for the transmission of images and sounds at a distance by means of Hertzian waves.
  • Computer - Konrad Zuse

    Computer - Konrad Zuse
    Electronic machine capable of storing information.
  • Tablet - Alan Kay

    Tablet - Alan Kay
    Laptop larger than a smartphone, built into a touch screen.
  • Mobile phone - Martin Cooper

    Mobile phone - Martin Cooper
    Electronic wireless device that allows access to the cellular or mobile telephone network. (He released it on the market in 1983).