Telecommunication inventions

Timeline created by PabloPocero
  • Telephone-Antonio Meucci

    Telephone-Antonio Meucci
    Communication system that transmits voice and sound over a long distance by electrical or electromagnetic means.
  • Telegraph-Arthur B. Sleigh

    Telegraph-Arthur B. Sleigh
    Publishing tool that allows us to create posts enriched with Markdown, photos and all kinds of embedded content.
  • Radio-Guillermo Marconi

    Radio-Guillermo Marconi
    It is a means of communication that is based on the sending of audio signals.
  • Television-John Logie Baird

    Television-John Logie Baird
    System for the transmission of images and sounds at a distance by means of Hertzian waves
  • Computer-Honrad Zuse

    Computer-Honrad Zuse
    Electronic machine capable of storing information and processing it automatically through mathematical and logical operations controlled by computer programs.
  • Mobile phone-IBM

    Mobile phone-IBM
    Wireless communication medium via electromagnetic waves
  • Tablet-Microsoft( Bill Gates)

    Tablet-Microsoft( Bill Gates)
    It is a laptop larger than a smartphone, integrated into a touch screen with which you interact primarily with your fingers without the need for a physical keyboard or mouse.