Ted bundy

Ted Bundy

  • Birth

    Born at a facility for young, unwed mothers.
  • First known murder

    First known murder
    Ted entered the basement bedroom of an 18 yr old female dancer/student at the University of Washington. After he sexually assulted her, her beat her with a metal rod from her bed frame. She suffered permanent brain damage.
  • 2nd Killing

    2nd Killing
    Another University of Washington student. She was killed, then dumped in a separate location.
  • 3rd Victim

    3rd Victim
    He kidnapped and murdered a 19 year old college student of The Evergreen State College.
  • 4th Murder

    4th Murder
    He lured a female student from Central Washington State College by wearing a cast on his arm and asking her to help carry books to his car.
  • 5th Killing

    5th Killing
    This victim was a girl from Oregon State University last seen in MAy of 1974
  • 6th & 7th Killing

    6th & 7th Killing
    His next two victims were two young female university student, one while she was leaving a tavern, and the other while sje was walking from her boyfriend's dorm to her sorority house. Both happened late at night.
  • Rethought his Attacks

    Rethought his Attacks
    During this time, he rethought the location and time of day he would hunt for his victims. He moved his place to the park in the daytime.
  • 8th and 9th killings

    8th and 9th killings
    Twice during the same day, he murdered and abducted two young females from Lake Sammamish State Park.
  • Moved to Utah

    Moved to Utah
    In the fall of 1974, Bundy moved from Washington to attend law school in Salt Lake City, Utah. While he continued his killings, he changed his modus operandi (MO).
  • Period: to

    3 More Killings

    His new approach seemed to work well, allowing him to kill 3 more young females in the month of October alone.
  • His New Technique Fails

    His New Technique Fails
    His new ways fail him twice. Finally, he abducted and killed a 17-year-old female student who was leaving school to pick up her younger brother.
  • Bundy Flees

    Bundy Flees
    Ted Bundy flees to Colorado and Idaho.
  • Period: to

    Abducts and Kills 4 More

    Bundy kills four more females by pretending to have an injured leg and asking doe help loading something into his car.
  • Bundy Gets Arrested

    Bundy Gets Arrested
    Ted Bundy was arrested in August 1975 for failing to stop for a police officer. Police found "buglary tools" in his car, then linked him to Utah murders and kidnappings.
  • Convicted and Sentenced

    Convicted and Sentenced
    Following a week-long trail, he was convicted of kidnapping in March 1976 and sentenced to 15 years in prison.
  • Escaped for the first time

    Escaped for the first time
    While awaiting for his trail for the murder of one of his Utah victims, Bundy escaped, but was caught 6 days later.
  • His Florida Rampage

    His Florida Rampage
    Ine January of 1978, in a thirty minute period, he brutally attacked 4 females in a soroity house on the Florida State University Campus. 2 victims died while 2 were severely injured. He then broke into another house a few blocks away and severely injured another female student.
  • One last killing

    One last killing
    This time, Bundy attacks and kills a 12 year old girl in south Florida, but was caught less than a week later in a stolen VW Beetle. He eventually confessed tomurdering 35 females, but many believe the number to be much higher.
  • Bundy Escapes from Jail

    Bundy Escapes from Jail
    Bundy escapes from his jail cell.