• Tecumseh is born

    Tecumseh was born right after a shooting star crossed the sky in Old Town, 12 miles East of present day Dayton, Ohio .Tecumseh name means "I cross somebody's path" or "a great spirit going south".
  • Period: to

    Tecumseh's village is attacked continuously

  • Tecumseh's father dies

    His father (Pucksinwah) was killed in the Battle of Point Pleastant.
  • Tecumseh's village is moved

    Tecumseh's village was attacked by mounted militia under John Bowen. The Shawnee repelled the attack but realized their vulnerability and migrated down the Ohio River. Some stayed in Ohio, but others, including Methoataske (Tecumseh's mother), continued to Missouri. Tecumseh was then raised by Chiksika and his older sister Tecumapease.
  • Tecumseh joins band of Shawnee

    Tecumseh joined a band of Shawnee warriors who fought to stop the white people from attacking their villages.
  • Tecumseh moves South

    Tecumseh traveled South with his brother, Cheeseekau, to fight with and live among the Chickamauga branch of the Charokee.
  • Battle of Fallen Timbers

    The Indians lost the Battle of Fallen Timbers and were forced to sign The Treaty of Greenville. In which they agreed to remain at peace, release all prisoners, and take back their claims to lands in Ohio. The Indians were able to hunt in these lands until they were actually settled. They also received a lot of money in trade goods . Tecumseh would not sign the treaty of Greenville and take part, then becuase of this his followers increased.
  • Tecumseh joins with his younger brother

  • Tenskwatawa's "predictions" gather attention

    The settlement where Tecumseh and his brother lived in was filled with people wanting to hear what Tenskwatawa has to say.
  • Tecumseh & Tenskwatawa settle in Prophetstown

    The two brothers accepted an invitation from the Potawatomi to move to the mouth of Tippecanoe River near what is now Lafayette, Indiana. The new village was called Prophetstown and Tenskwatawa was refered to as "The Prophet"
  • Tecumseh is killed