Technology of mobile phones

  • First car-to-car Radios

    detroit police used them to talk to each other but it didnt work that well.
  • The FCC

    The federal Communications Comittee is created. there job is to govern who can use what radio frequencys
  • Mobile phone service

    The first mobile phone service was created but it did not work very well and didnt catch on very well.
  • Second attempt at car phones

    The second time around car phones caught on and were quite a good success. they were bulky heavy and unruly but made communication really easy.
  • First cell phone gets tried

    Dr. Martin Cooper invented a phone that didnt need the car attached for power also he is the first one to make a call from a celluar device.
  • Cell phone goes public.

    It took ten years but motorola makes the cell phone availible to the public
  • first flip phone

    it is introduced by motorola and they are the first once to coin this design.
  • Text messaging invented.

    european developers came up with a way to send written messages from cellphone to cellphone.
  • camera phone and smartphone

    the first camera and smartphones were made in this year the smart phone could recieve emails, texts and calls. and sanyo made the first phone with a camera in it.
  • The first Iphone

    the first iphone is realesed from apple. it featured a touch screen and allowed users to pretty much do anything they could do on a compter on the phone