Technology in the 1930's

  • Telex

    The Telex was a messaging network. It started as a way to distribute military messages. The Telex system connects those teleprints to each other over voice telephone lines that are routed by telephone switches. The original inventor is unknown.
  • Word Brains

    Word Brains
    "Word Brains" was started in hopes of creating a search engine to save all of the world's knowledge together. The Inventor was Paul Otlet. He is working on integrating telegraphy and multiple media, from sound recordings to television.
  • Punch Cards

    Punch Cards
    Early computers ran on punch cards that were held with information. Social security used these to help track employees and process large numbers. The Military used these to provide calculations as well.
  • Z3

    Konrad Zuse created the first binary calculator in 1938. In 1941 he created the Z3 which is a universal calculator which runs on programs.
  • Elektro

    Westinghouse created Elektro robot in 1939. It responded to rhythm of voice commands, delivered wisecracks pre-recorded records. It appeared at the world's fair and it could move it's head and arms and even "smoked" cigarettes.