Picture 19


  • First title shot.

    First title shot.
    This is the link to te film Taken. http://estream.reigate.ac.uk/view.aspx?id=7016~4o~oujSKoy8 This is a picture of the first title shot in the film taht we see. It is 6 seconds into the film and it is Twentieth Centery Fox who helped produced the film.
  • Second title shot

    Second title shot
    This is the second title shot that we see. It is the 3 different production companies that help put the film together. They are; Europacorp, M6 Films and Grive Productions.
  • Third title shot

    Third title shot
    This title shot is letting the viewers know who helped perticipate producing the film.
  • Fourth title shot

    Fourth title shot
    This title shot it the first time we see the main actors name along side him. This indicates to us that he is the primary actor/character in the film. It is shown 43 seconds into the film.
  • Fifth title shot

    Fifth title shot
    This next title shot is of the producer- Pierre Morel. It is shown 50 seconds into the film.
  • Sixth title shot

    Sixth title shot
    the next title shot is of the writers; Luc Besson & Robert Mark Kamen. All the time these titles are being shown, the film is carrying on behind it. This is good because you have a quick read of the titles as you can ackwolegde it however your main focus is still the film. Is title shot is shown 58 seconds into the film.
  • Last title shot

    Last title shot
    1 minute and 3 seconds into the film the name of the film is shown, 'T A K E N'. This title is shown next to the picture of the young girl which tells us that she may be the one who gets taken. The does not take much space up on the screen, however it still has alot of influence becuase it is so plain and simple.