Student Data Privacy

  • FOIA passed

    Federal Freedom of Information Act passed
  • FERPA signed into law

    President Gerald Ford signed the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act into law, protecting confidential student information.
  • PRA revised

    RCW 42.56 revised, creating the Public Records Act, which specifies that most records maintained by various levels of government be disclosed to the public upon request. Privacy is violated only if the information disclosed would: be highly offensive to a reasonable person, or is not of legitimate concern to the public.
  • House Education Committee Work Session

    The Washington State House Education Committee invited representatives from different state and federal education agencies to speak about different measures being taken in Washington State and elsewhere to protect the privacy of student data.
  • Period: to

    65th Washington State Legislature

    The Washington State Legislature will meet in a 105-day session, during which various issues will be discussed and voted on, potentially including student privacy.