Truscott national

Steven Truscott

  • First Arrested

    Steven Truscott was arrested on June 12th 1959, for the murder of Lynne Harper he was charged with First Degree Murder. The he awaited his trial on September 16th to September 30th. He was found guilty by the jury. They only took 6 hours to come back with his virdict that he would be hung on December 8th 1959 but then was commuted to life in prison
  • Appeal Dismissed

    The Court of Appeals for Ontario dismissed Truscotts appeal. Right after he was sentenced to life in prison. Later he tried to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada they said that he wasn't elligible to do that under the circumstances.
  • Released on Parole

    In 1969 Steven Truscott got out on parol, He changed his name to keep a low profile becasue of the case and he moves to guelph and gets married and has 3 kids.
  • Parole Complete

    On November 12th, 1974 he completes his parol. After this was up he was a free man and did not have to report to the National Parole Board of Canada.
  • Aqquited of Charges

    The Court of Appeal of Ontario heard his case after recovering 250 new pieces of evidence, hearing aggruments and new testimonies from witnesses that were not called to the stand. He was compensated for 6.5 million dollars by the government, 48 years later he finally proved his innocense and was a free man.