Steven Truscott

By wittl07
  • The murder/Dissapreance of Lynn Harper

    The murder/Dissapreance of Lynn Harper
    Lynn Harper a classmate of Truscotts goes missing and later that week is found dead, Truscott is looked hard at because he was the last to be seen with the victim giving her a ride home on his bike.
  • Period: to

    truscotts legal process

  • Truscotts Arrest

    Truscotts Arrest
    Truscott was taken into custody by OPP in Clinton and held/ questioned for the murder of Lynn Harper.
  • Trial Begins

    The trial for the murder of Lynn Harper begins. Truscott is tried as an adult even thow he is only fourteen years old.
  • Guilty Verdict and Sentencing.

    The jury in the Truscott case returned with a verdict of guilty on all counts and the Judge in the trial reccomends and condems Truscott to the death penalty and is scheduled for December, 8, 1959.
  • Reprieve Awarded To Defence

    Truscotts defence team is awarded a reprieve for Truscotts scheduled date of execution December 8 it was now moved to Febuary, 17, 1960.
  • Death Sentence Commuted

    Truscotts defence after winning the reprieve in his case took another huge leep forward, Truscotts original death sentence was overturned and commuted to life in prison, this giving them much more time to pursue justice in his case.
  • Truscott is Paroled

    Steven Truscott is paroled from prison on hearing in october and is released to his parole officer.
  • Truscott is Acquitted of Crime

    Truscotts defence is granted a miscarriage of justice by the province of Ontaio and is awarded 6.7 million dollars in reperations for his wrongful conviction and time spent in prison.