Steven spielberg

  • Birth

    Steven spielberg was born on December 18th 1943 (64 now) in Cincinnati Ohio
  • Period: to

    His life

  • First movie

    First movie
    Steven spielberg made his first movie which was a western adcenture called "The Last Gunfight" for a badge in boyscouts
  • First award

    First award
    Steven spielberg won an award for a 40 minute war film he made called "Escape to Nowhere "
  • First indy film

    First indy film
    When he was 16 he wrote his first script and directed it himself. The movie was 140 minutes total.
  • Profit of the film

    The film had a budget of 500 US and was only shown in local cinemas and generated 1 dollar profit
  • Graduation

    He graduated from Saratoga high school
  • Period: to

    Mainstream breakthrough (1975–93)

  • First actual movie hit

    First actual movie hit
    The movie was both written and dircted by steven spielberg. After the movie was released he was nominated for best directer award from the academy awards.
  • "1941"

    His biggest grossing movie yet, it took in $92,455,742 in the box office. The critics called this movie a dissapointment.
  • One of the classics

    One of the classics
    E.T. is one of the classic movies. It made spielberg $792,910,554 all over the world peoeple fell in love with E.T.
  • Raiders of the laost arc

    Raiders of the laost arc
    Steven Spielberg teamed up with George Lucas creater of Star Wars to make the first Indiana Jones movies. It made $384,140,454 and also was the biggest box office film in 1981
  • White House

    White House
    Steven Spielberg went to the white house on the behalf of the Regans to have a showing of E.T.
  • The anamaniacs

    The anamaniacs
    Best cartoon ever created. Steven spielberg was the executive producer. The show ran for 5 seasons and had 99 episodes total until they ended it in 1998.
  • Dreamworks

    Dreamworks for spielberg was a little independant project/studio he wanted to open.
  • Knight Spielberg

    Knight Spielberg
    Steven spielberg was named a knigh Légion d'honneur of by president Jacques Chirac
  • Mini-Series

    Steven spielberg has his own mini-series called "The pacific". It is a WWII show.