Steve Adkins: Road to Recovery

  • Tommy John Surgery

    Tommy John Surgery
    Seve went under the knife while on Spring Break while the Bradley Braves baseball team was on their Spring Trip in Florida. The IV and where we got blood work left a mark.
  • Post-Operation

    Steve went in to see the doctor after his surgery. The doctor said he is progressing as he should, also Steve got his stickes removed. It left him with a nice scar.
  • Rejoin the Club

    Rejoin the Club
    After being away from the team over Spring Break, Steve suprised the squad when he showed up to their game against University of Evansville.
  • Brace be Gone

    Brace be Gone
    After Steve's surgery he was required to wear a plastic brace to keep his arm at 90 degrees. He was only allowed to take it off to sleep and sttretch his arm periodically. He will no longer have to wear the brace now.
  • The Return

    Even though Steve will be on summer break, he will be spening it on the Hilltop after a few short weeks at home. While on campus he will be following a strick protocol to get ready for the 2014 season.
  • Baseballs Come Out

    Baseballs Come Out
    According to Steve's recovery plan, this will be the day he will start throwing a baseball again.