Moritz Schlick, Born 1882 - Died 1936

  • The Beginning

    Moritz Schlick was a born in Berlin, Germany and grew up in a middle-class family; "the son of a middle-class factory manager" (Oberdan, T., 2017).
  • College and Education

    He attended the University of Berlin, where he studied Physics. His love for his work gave him the opportunity to work with Max Planck, which then led to him receiving his Ph.D. "After a year of experimental work at Göttingen, he eventually made his way to Zurich where he took up the study of Philosophy" (Oberdan, T., 2017).
  • Space and Time in Contemporary Physics

    "In 1917, he published Space and Time in Contemporary Physics, a philosophical introduction to the new physics of Relativity which was highly acclaimed by Einstein himself as well as many others" (Oberdan, T., 2017).
  • The Vienna Circle of Logical Positivists

    The Vienna Circle of Logical Positivists was created in 1924. It was a group of scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers that would meet on a regular schedule "to investigate scientific language and scientific methodology" (Encyclopaedia Brittanica). Moritz was known as the founding father of the group.
  • The Assassination

    Mortiz was assassinated by someone he knew and had worked closely with, Hans Nelbock. As he was on his way to give a lecture at the University of Vienna School of Philosophy, Hans Nelbock shot him four times, horrifically and publicly ending his life.