Stem Cells

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    The Term

    The begining. the term "stem cells" is proposed to imply that stem cells are out there
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    Neurogenesis. Neurogenesis, the process where stem cells inside the brain create new Neurons is discovered but ignored
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    Self renueing cells found in a mouses bone marrow
  • Transplant

    Two brothersThe first sucsessful bone marrow transplant completed between two identical twins
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    Hematopoietic stem cells

    HematopoieticHematopoietic stem cells are discoverd in the blood of the umbilical cord
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    "Embryonic Stem cells"

    First Embryonic Stem cells are cultivateted from mouse inner cell
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    Neraul stem cells are cutured in vitro
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    Mad stem cells

    First human embryonic stem cells coltivated in Madison
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    Adult stem cells found in childrens teeth
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    First human liver cells replicated using stem cells from cord blood
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    Scientists can partially repair broken spines in rats using human nueral stem cells
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    No Destruction

    First human embryonic stem sells harveted without destroying the embryo
  • OKAY!

    Human embryonic-like stem cells createted from a single human hair
  • Trial

    First trial of embryonic stem cells in humans curing blindness
  • Rejection

    rejectionA human rejects own stem cells do to a mutation. HUMANS CAN REJECT OWN STEM CELLS
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    Endagered but not extinct

    Israeli scientist Inbar Friedrich Ben-Nun Leads team to produce stem cells from endagered animals. A task which could save them from extinction
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells

    Induced pluripotent stem cells
    ipsInduced pluripotent stem cells created from th manipulation of skin cells