Stefani's Historical-Geological TimeLine

  • Precambrian Period

    Precambrian Period
    It spans from the formation of Earth around 4600 Ma (million years) ago to the beginning of the Cambrian Period, about 542 Ma, when marcoscopic hard-shelled animals first appreaded on earth.
  • Paleozoic Period

    Paleozoic Period
    The Paleozoic period went from 542 to 251 million years ago. During this time period, forest of primitive plants thrived on plant forming. It formed the coal beds of Europe, and Eastern North America. Big sophisticated repitles, and the first modern plants had also developed during this time period.
  • Mesozoic Period

    Mesozoic Period
    During this time period the dinasours had lived on earth. When the dinasours died, it had dramatically changed the the earth's flora and funa. However, the giant continent Pangea broke apart into two continents that we have today.
  • Cenozoic Period

    Cenozoic Period
    During the Cenozoic Period, there were two other geological periods at this time. They were the Teritary Period, and the current Quaternary period. However, during the Cenozoic period, North America and Europe seperated by an weidening ocean basin spreading along a prominate mid-oceanic ridge.