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Stan Lee Timeline

By ihes52
  • Stan is born

    Stan is born
    Stan is born as Stanley Martin Leiber on December 22, 1922 to Romanian immigrants Jack and Celia Leiber in New York, New York.
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    Stan's Life

  • Stan's childhood

    Stan's childhood
    Over a period of many years, Stan loved to read story's like The Hardy Boys and seeing movies with his family. The Great Depression hits and Stan's parents lose their jobs and are forced to move into a much smaller home. Stan still continues to read and eventually gets out of school at a very young age.
  • Stan's time at Timely comics

    Stan's time at Timely comics
    At only age 17, Stan is hired as, he liked to joke, a "gopher" for Timely Comics Inc. Stan's job was to bring paint for empty containers, fetch the CEO's lunch and to wait for the next complaint from the artists. In 1940, Timely creates the star spangled hero, Captain America because of the opposing threat of the Nazis. One day, the artists get so mad with each other that they quit, including the editor. In 1941, Stan is hired as the editor for Timely at only age 19!
  • Stan goes to war

    Stan goes to war
    Stan is enlisted in World War 2. Surprisingly, he does not fight with a weapon. He fights with cartoons! Stan draws funny cartoons to cheer up soldiers and give hope to family's. When the war is over, Stan returns home.
  • Stan gets married

    Stan gets married
    Stan gets married to a British woman named Joan in 1947. Stan later joked that when he first met her, he blurted out "I love you" and he later regretted saying that.
  • Stan creates The Fantastic Four

    Stan creates The Fantastic Four
    After having two children, Joan Celia Lee and Jan Lee (who died only a week after birth), Stan decides to think of new creative ideas for new heroes. This eventually leads up to the creation of The Fantastic Four in the month of November, 1961.
  • Spider-Man is born

    After creating other small super heroes, Stan decides to create a new kind of superhero. That was when Stan saw a fly crawling on the wall and thought of an insect superhero. He went down the list. Fly-Man, that didn't sound dramatic. Mosquito-Man, Nah, that sounded bad. He kept going until he got to Spider-Man. He LOVED that name! He ran into the publishers office and told him his grand idea. His publisher didn't like it and Stan decided to put it an old magazine to get it to go away.
  • The results for Spider-Man

    The results for Spider-Man
    About a month of drawing later, all of the managers come to Stan and tell him for the results for the month. They tell him that Spider-Man was one of their most best selling comic that month. Stan later joked that when his publisher came running into his office he said "Stan, Stan! Do you remember that guy Spider-Man we both loved so much?"
  • The Marvel Age

    The Marvel Age
    Over 20 years, Stan makes heroes like Doctor Strange, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Daredevil, The X-men and more.
  • The not-so Marvel age

    The not-so Marvel age
    Marvel starts to drop. They start to depend on advertisements alone. Characters like Black Spider-Man are created during this time period. Stan is upset, until the movies start rolling around.
  • Marvel Strikes back

    Marvel Strikes back
    Marvel Strikes back as Stan becomes an executive producer for movies of HIS super heroes! Movies that Stan participated in and starred in cameos in include 8 X-Men movies, 5 Spider-Man movies, 3 Iron Man movies, 2 Avengers movies, a Dead-pool movie and more.
  • I meet Stan!

    I meet Stan!
    I met Stan Lee at the Cincinnati Comic Expo at the Duke energy center! It was awesome. I got to ask him a question, Have two pictures with him and get my comic book signed by him!
  • Stan revolution

    Stan revolution
    Stan Lee created many heroes, villains and fans throughout his long life. He is truly amazing.