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Stalin's War

By bookguy
  • Operation Barbarrosa

    Operation Barbarrosa
    Hitler attacks the Soviet Union without warning and begins a relentless drive all along the 3,000 mile German/Soviet border.
  • Period: to

    Stalin's War

    The Soviet Union during the Second World War faced the likelihood of being destroyed. Soviet population decreased by 25%!
  • Operation Typhoon

    Operation Typhoon
    The German army is surprised and defeated outside the gates of Moscow. Stalin uses hidden reserves and poor weather to smash Hitler's blitzkrieg on Russia
  • Seige of Lenningrad

    Seige of Lenningrad
    For 900 days the people of Leningrad were beseiged by German/Finnish troops. Hitler was determined to exterminate the city and starve the inhabitants.
  • Battle for Stalingrad

    Battle for Stalingrad
    The German 6th Army is smashed in one history's worst urban battles. The battle marks the turning point in the Second World War.
  • Battle of Kursk

    Battle of Kursk
    The Battle of Kursk destroyed the Wehrmacht offensive power in the East. This battle is noted as the largest tank battle in history.
  • Operation Bagration

    Operation Bagration
    Operation Bagration marked the long sought destruction of German Army Group Cente and the Red Army's approach to liberate Eastern Europe from Nazi tyranny. By the end of that summer Stalin was ready to begin the invasion of Germany.
  • Battle for Berlin

    Battle for Berlin
    The Red Army ends the Third Reich's existence when it storms the capital of Nazi Germany, Berlin. Hitler commits sucide. The cost in Soviet lives - 100,000+
  • Legacy of the Great Patriotic War

    Legacy of the Great Patriotic War
    The Soviet Uniion would face the remainder of its days worried about another attack from the West. Such paranoid concerns would be the root of its downfall.