Special Edward

By Gray99
  • Edward gets in late for a math test.

    Edward gets in late for a math test. At the end of the test he is not quite done. All of the students leave the class and Edward is almost done his test. The teacher makes him leave which makes him mad because another kid got more time.
  • Edward gets the "brilliant" idea of faking a disability to get into special ed so he can slack off more

    Edward gets his brilliant idea when his favourite teacher walks by. They talk and Edward asks about why the guy in the class gets more time than him. It turns out the guy is in special ed so Edward tries to fake that he has a learning disability.
  • Edward goes to the guidance councilor.

    After lunch Edward goes to the guidance councilor to make the illusion that he has a disability. Edward says to the councilor that he reads words backwards, is scared of test, and can't sit still or concentrate.
  • Edward reads the word god backwards.

    While Edward is getting a ride to his house there is a bumper sticker that says god is great. Edward reads it dog is great and his mom asks if it happens a lot.
  • Period: to

    Special Edward

  • He goes to a meeting with a different guidance councilor named Ellen

    While at that meeting he has to take a test. Before he takes the test Ellen the guidance councilor asks him questions. He acts like he can't sit still and his mind wanders a lot.
  • Edward actually studied for his history test.

    Edward never ever studies. The only reason he studied for this test is because Ellen is putting him on a special ed trial for this test so he gets more time. He wants to make it look like special ed is helping him.
  • Ed misses half of the questions on the test.

    Ed misses half of the questions on the test even though he checked his answers 3 times to make sure he used up his time. After he misses his questions he starts to think he does have a learning disability.
  • Edward and his parents go to a meeting

    Edward and his parents go to a meeting about puting edward into special education. During this meeting Edward is scared that the people will find out about his scam to get into special ed.
  • The councilor tells him his test results and they are not good.

    The test results show that Edward should not be able to get to school by himself. The councilor suggests that Edward is really scared of tests so he figured he had no hope so he tried to fail.
  • The teachers have a vote on whether or not to put him in special ed

    His history teacher shows him his test results for his history test and
    he gets 90% so he votes yes. The special ed teacher says yes and everyone else says yes.
  • Something bad happens to Edward.

    After the meeting says that Edward is going to go to special ed the councilor is on to his scam and asks him about it. He confesses and the councilor says that he does have a disability and he needs to work hard to not let it effect him.