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Space Travel

By C-Dog88
  • Sputnik l

    Sputnik l
    The Sputnik I by the Russans began the "space war" with the United States. It was the first satellite that was put in to the Earth's orbit. It helped with research of the atmosphere and travels at 18,000 mi per hour and completing an orbit in 96.2 minutes.
  • Period: to

    Space Travel

  • First USA Satellite

    First USA Satellite
    Explorer 1 was the first Amercian satellite put into orbit. It was launched after the Soviet's Sputnik 1 and 2. It remained in orbit until 1970 and was the first to record the Van Allen radiation belt. It was the first of the 90 Explorer spacecraft series.
  • NASA

    NASA was formed by the United States during the space race for more aeronautics (the science or practice of travel through the air) and aerospace (the branch of technology and industry concerned with both aviation and space flight) research. It controls all missions and launches to space.
  • Discoverer XIV

    Discoverer XIV
    The Discoverer 14 was the first satelitte into space by coming out of a moving spacecraft in orbit and then reattching in mid-air. This satelittle was launched by the United States.
  • First Man In Space

    First Man In Space
    Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space. He was sent by the Russians on the Vostok 1 space craft. He became the soviet hero and this advanced the Russians in the space race.
  • First USA man in space

    First USA man in space
    Soon after the russians sent a man in spaace, the United States sent Alan Shepard. He was on board a tiny capsule by the name of Freedom 7.
  • First Russian Woman in Space

    First Russian Woman in Space
    Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space sent by the Russians on the Vostok 6 craft. She was choosen to fly the spacecraft out of 400 other applicants.
  • First Space-walk

    First Space-walk
    Alexey Leonov was the first man out in actual space. This russian mission was suppose to be Vostok 11, but was done on Voskhod 2. He was outside the spacecraft for 12 minutes and 9 seconds. Leonov's space suit became inflated when he was trying to get back into the craft. He was able to let some air out and barley make it back.