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Space Race

  • Sputnik 1 Released Into Space

    Sputnik 1 Released Into Space
    Web Source (For whole TimeLine) (Just copy and paste) (ctrl+c, ctrl+v) The Soviet Union sends Sputnik into space. The satellite was for spying on the enimies. Of course, The Soviet Union launched BEFORE America.
  • Explorer 1

    Explorer 1
    After two failed attempts to make satellites, U.S. citizens believed that Eisenhower did not understand the importance of space efforts. On January 31st, 1958 however, the U.S. launched a Satellite that not only spies on enimies, but gathered very important scientific data, which lead to the formation of NASA.
  • New Target: First On The Moon

    New Target: First On The Moon
    In 1959, The U.S. and the Soviet Union set out for a bigger goal: Reaching the moon. Russia (S.U.) launched Luna 1 in January, but the satellite missed the moon and fell into Solar Orbit, but was the first to go beyond Earth (The Earth and Moon). In March, The U.S. gave it a shot with the Pioneer 4 but it too missed and reached Solar orbit. Then, Luna 2 reached the moon, but the S.U. did not quit. On October 4th, 1959, Russia sent the Luna 3, which flew by the Moon and took a far side picture.
  • Spying From Space

    Spying From Space
    the actual date was unclear. Since 1959, the U.S. had been secretly developing a series of satellites codenamed Carona. Because rocket launches were difficult to hide, the U.S. government disguised early Corona missions as part of a research program called Discoverer.
  • First Russian Animals in Space

    First Russian Animals in Space
    On August 19th, 1960, Russia launched Sputnik 5 which carried two dogs named Belka and Strelka, along with a gray rabbit, 40 mice, 2 rats, and 15 flasks of fruit flies and plants.
  • Yuri Gagarin Sent To Space

    Yuri Gagarin Sent To Space
    On April 12th, 1961, Yuri Gagarin was sent into space. By now, the S.U. was far in the lead as Yuri was the first man to ever go into space. The launch was aimed for the moon but it missed.
  • First American In Space

    First American In Space
    On May 5th, 1961, Alan Shepard was sent into space aboard the Freedom 7.
  • Manned Orbiting Laboratory

    Manned Orbiting Laboratory
    On October 10th, 1963, the U.S. announced plans for a Manned Orbiting Lab. MOL was a Millitary space station designated for scientific research.
  • China Sends Animals

    China Sends Animals
    Full date was unclear China sent mice & rats in space from 1964-1965, and sent two dogs in space in 1966.
  • France's Final Launch

    France's Final Launch
    The exact day was unclear On March ?, 1967, France sent their last animals (two monkeys) into space.
  • Apollo 11: The end of the Space Race

    Apollo 11: The end of the Space Race Moon Landing 1969 - beanz2u On July 20th, 1969, America sent Neil Armstrong to the moon. Of course, the U.S. landed him safely. At this time, Russia was already far behind. The moon landing of 1969 ended the Space Race and the Cold War.