space race

  • monkey in space

    monkey in space
    before NASA! Actually, CHIMPS were sent into space, but still...
    Russia was the start of it, even though we didn't have NASA yet, People called astronamers sent chimps right into space.
  • sputnik 1 launch

    sputnik 1 launch
    The first man-made sattelite sent into space & known to make a horrible noise.
    Though it inspired many more people to try and explore space.
    now, we have sattelites all over the place!
  • NASA founded

    NASA founded
    NASA was the first official space agency in all of America.
    NASA still stands today as a proud company of astronamy Missions would usually (about 89% of the time) work out!
  • Apollo 8

    the 8th time sent to the moon. though, this time they found a massive crater! no one has seen a crater that large untill apollo 20!
  • apollo 8

    the time sent to the moon for the 8th time in the US, this time they saw a crater bigger than ever seen before! They haven't seen any crater like this or bigger still!
  • first man on the moon

    first man on the moon
    Niel Armstrong was the first man to step foot on the moon.
    "One small step for man, One giant leap for Mankind." No man before him, was on the moon, nor even in bound of it.
  • dog in space

    dog in space
    Kennedy sent Joep the st.benard into a space craft to go in a place where no dog has ever gone before. Space. the first bow-wow to even be in a spacecraft