space race

  • sputnik 1

    first artificial satellite launched in space
  • Period: to

    space race

  • project mercury

    first u.s. program to start the race for the moon
  • alan b. shepard

    became first u.s. citizen in space
  • yuri a. gagarin

    became first human in space,orbited earth and returened safetly
  • mariner 2

    a space probe sent to learn infomation about venus
  • john glenn

    first u.s. citizen to orbit the earth
  • project gemini

    the next step i n reaching the moon.teams of two astronauts in the same gemini spacecraft orbited earth
  • surveyor

    the surveyor landed gently on the moons surface
  • project apollo

    the final stage of the u.s. program to reach the moon
  • apollo 11

    landed on the moons surface.neil armstrong first human to set foot on the moon
  • neil armstrong

    first man on the moon
  • u.s program ends

  • pioneer 10

    a space probe launched to search jupiter
  • viking 1

    a space probe to search mars
  • magellan

    a new space probe to search venus