Space Race

  • Project Mercury

    A U.S. program to reach the Moon began with Project Mercury. The goals of Mercury were to orbit a piloted spacecraft around Earth and bring it back safely. In 1962, Mercury Astronaut John Glenn became the first U.S. citizen to orbit Earth.
  • Mariner2

    Explored Venus' atmosphere
  • Project Gemini

    The next step of reaching the Moon was project Mercury. Teams of two astronauts in the same Gemini spacecraft orbited Earth. One Gemini team met and connected with another spacecraft in orbit, a skill that would be needed on a voyage to the Moon. The Gemini space craft was much like the Project Mercury space craft.
  • Pioneer 10

    Sent back photos of Jupiter. It was the first probe to encounter an outer planet
  • Viking 1

    The orbiter mapped the surface of Mars; lander searched for life on mars.
  • Magellan

    Mapped Venus's surface and returned data on the composition of Venus's atmosphere.