space history

By asa3400
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  • launch of sputnik

    Sputnik launched in Russia.
    To get sputnik in orbit
  • first us satelite

  • NASA founded

    The government set up the first space program. They founded it to explore space.
  • space monkey

    They sent a monkey into space. He tested the the escape system.
  • dog in space

    launched 57 dogs in all to space. To test if people could go into space.
  • first man to orbit earth

    He orbited Earth. To test space out.
  • first us man in space

  • first us man to orbit earth

    He orbited the earth in
  • first women in space

    a woman went into space (Russian) It was the first woman in space.
  • first space walk

    3 cosmonauts Wladimer komarov,Bons yegorv,Konstathn Feoktisov. It was the first ever walk in space.
  • first us space walk

    He walk out of the ship gemini 4. He went into space He have to perpare the space craft
  • gimini 7

    206 obits, all objectives were achived. Flew a space craft.
  • apollo 8

    successful space craft all wrere achived. Returned high resolution pics of landing sites
  • first man on the moon