space exploration timeline

Timeline created by rp19606
  • Galileo looking through his telescope

    Galileo looking through his telescope
    on 1/1/1610 galileo spotted the moon through his telescope
  • herrman oberth and his rocket

    herrman oberth and his rocket
    on 1/1/1926 Hermann Oberth launches first personal rocket with students
  • Robert H. Goddard first rocket launched

    on 1/1/1926 Robert H. Goddard launched first liquid fuel rocket
  • first reserch rocket

    on 1/1/1946 First research flight launched by the U.S. captured by the V-2 space rocket
  • fruit flies launched into space

    on 1/1/1947 first animal was launched into space (fruit flies)
  • the first animal in space

    the first animal in space
    on 1/1/1957 the first non human was launched into orbit by the USSR a dog named Laika who died in orbit because of no plans of re-entry
  • first artifical satilite

    on 1/1/1957 First artificial satellite put into space that brings back signals to earth launched by the USSR
  • first man in space

    on april of 1960 the first man was in space Yuri Gagarin by USSR
  • first object retreved from space

    on august of 1960 the first object was retrieved from space by the usa
  • saturn V

    saturn V
    on November of 1967 the first rocket successfully landed on the moon by the USA (Saturn V)
  • first untetherd moon walk

    on the 7th of february 1984 the first untethered space walk happened by Bruce Mccandless II a USA worker
  • hubble launched into space

    on the 24th of april 1990 hubble the first orbital observatory was launched by USA and ESA
  • first rover

    first rover
    on the 4th of july 1997 the first rover was on mars by USA
  • soft landing on titan

    on 1/14/2005 ESA, USA and ASI made a soft landing on Titan
  • 67P on the comet

    67P on the comet
    on 11/12/2014 67P landed on a comet by ESA