Space Exploration Time Line

By coble02
  • all about space probes

    A spcae probe colllects data about the solar system and sends infromation back to the earths NASA systems.This is important beacsue sppace probs can go up in orbit for longer amount of time than humans can and they can maybe get more research than us and they send back electronical facts and infromation about what our researchers are researching.
  • sputnik gets launched into orbit

    There was a space race betweem the United States and the Soviet Union,the race involved exploring space. The United States had speeded up its their space program to makae it go faster to try and get ahead or more ahead of the Soviet Unions space craft. Which headed to the Apollo moon in the 1960's.It is important to us because we actually got the craft in space so it would be possible for the russins to shoot fireballs to us so it sscared us but at least we found out so we can be ready.
  • Exploring the moon

    Around 1964-1972 U.S and the Soviet UNion sent alot of unpiloted spacecrafts to explore the moon. When the spacecraft landed on the moon it didnt sink into the surface,this proves that the moon is solid,hard,and rocky .This is importasnt to us because if we know that spacecrafts dont sink on the moon and its a hard rocky surface then we are able to send more crafts up there and maybe even rockets.
  • humans in space

    Soviets launched the first human into space.A month later after Yuri Gagarin flew one orbit abord Vostok 1 around earth.It is important to us because we know that we can send more humans up into space and get research and discover more.
  • the moon landings

    American astronauts circle aroound the moon on a spcaecraft called APOLLO 11 Neil Armstrong and buzz Aidrin entered a small spacecraft. When thye finnally landed on the moon, excitment came out of NASAS spcae center and then they got out to walk the moon. this is important beacause they were the first people to walk on the moon so now we can get more people up there and if they had a safe trip we can possiby trust our next explorers
  • Space stations

    aaround the 1970's and 1980's ,the United states and the Soviet union both but space stations in orbit.The soviets union stayed in place for about 15 years then it feel to earth in 2001.This is important to us because it helps astronauts to live and work up there for long amounts of time.
  • space shuttles

    before 1983 spacecraft could only get used one time. A space shuttle can fly and land and then fly again!It can carry a group or people into space and out of it into the earth after landing on a surface.This is important to me because now we can use littler thing to fly in and it can do the same exact thing as an airplane and now they can be used more than one time
  • The Cassini Space Probe

    Scientist think that to have a life on planet or moon then there has to be liquid water and the perfect amount of heat. In 2005,NASA's Cassini Space Probe sent them ewvidence that a moon of Saturns,called Enceladus, might fit the right amout of water and the perfect amount of heat.It is important to us because we could acftually have some creatures or human species living on that earth.
  • moon rocks and moon quakes

    Scientist such as Andera B. Mosie,and Jack Schimitt studied rocks. They learned that the minerals that make up moon rocks are alike the earths rocks. This is important to me because if we have moon peices then we can break them apart and see whats inside them and study them to learn more about that moons rocks and how the moons and earths rocks are alike.
  • On the moons surface

    Apollo 11 astronauts foundings was exciting. Armstrong and Aldrin explored the moons surface for 2 hours,they collected samples to bring back to the earth.they even planted a U.S flag!This is important because the flag on the surface will hopefully be there for a while and it will be a good memory and who ever goes to the moon will see our flag!