Space Exploration

By white21
  • Sputnick was launched by U.S.S.R

    First artificial Satilite put in space by U.S.S.R. The us was afraid that the soviets could launch a satilite they could use the same rocket to launch a nuke. Space experlation packet
  • US launched their own satilite

    It was the first satilite launched by the us. Now if the soviets launched a nuke on the us the us could launch a nuke on the soviets. Space exploration packet.
  • The U.S.A created nasa

    Now we had a space program. If the us didn't create nasa who knows where the world would be at now. The soviets wern't the only ones with a space program now,
  • The us sent pioneer 4 to the moon

    The first lunar flyby. They might not of reaced the moon if they didn't have pioneer 4.
  • The sovietys launched a man into space

    It was history into making. He orbited the earth. Big preasure on the U.S. U.S.S.R was wining the space race
  • John F. Kennedy gave his space speech

    It started the apollo prgram. If he didn't give the speech the U.S.S.R could've won the space race
  • John glen was launched into space

    John was the first us man in space. They were catching up with the soviets. Big step for U.S.A
  • Apollo 1 had a cabin fire

    34 people died. They were the first people with the apollo program. Major setback for nasa. google com
  • Apollo 8 Launched

    They were the second human space flight mission for the apollo program. They were the first one to leave earths orbit. They reached the moons orbit and they returned safely to earth.
  • The first man walked on the moon

    It ended the space race. The soviet lost the space race. They tried the very next day and they failed
  • Luna 15 crashed

    It ended the space race. The usa had a major comeback . The soviets tried and the failed.