Space Exploration

  • V2 rocket

    V2 rockets were first used in ww2
  • Period: to

    Space Race

  • Sputnik 1 Launched

    Sputnik is launched.
  • Sputnik 2 is Launched

    Sputnik 2 is launched with a dog, Liaka on board.
  • Period: to

    Apollo Missions

  • First Human in Space

    First human arives in space.
  • First American in Space

    Alan Shepard becomes the first american in space.
  • First Manned Misssion to Moon

    Apollo 11 lands on the moon.
  • First joint Solviet American Mission

    The joint Apollo Soyuz mission is a sucess.
  • Comombia Launched

    First spaceworthy NASA orbiter launched.
  • Challenger Explodes

    Challenger explodes after takeoff and all the crew are killed.