space exploration

  • sputnik I

    sputnik was the first aritifical satelitte in space.
  • Yuri A. Gargarin

    first man in space.
  • Alan B. Shepard

    First U.S citezen into space.
  • John Glenn

    first u.s citzin to orbit
  • mariner 2

    the very first satelitte to go to venus.
  • Surveyor

    landed gently on the moon.
  • project apollo 11

    first person to land on the moon.!!
  • Pioneer 10

    was launched to orbit space and failed in 2003 but is still going.
  • Viking 1

    searched for life on mars.
  • Voyager 2

    this satelitte is heading to deep space.
  • Galileo

    galileo reached jupiter in 1995 and released a small probe.
  • Magellan

    mapped venus surface and returned with data of the planet.
  • hubble space telescope

    was first launched into space.
  • Terra

    first sattelite to send colored picture's back to earth.