Space exploration

By bneff16
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    space exploration

  • Sputnik 1

    First man made rocket in space
  • Alan Shepard

    First U.S. citizen in space
  • Yuri Gagarin

    Soviet, First to orbit earth and return safely
  • Mariner 2

    Explored venus's atomsphere
  • John Glenn

    First U.S. citzen to Orbit earth
  • Pioneer 10

    Photos of Jupiter, first to visit an outer planet
  • Mariner 10

    Obtained the first quality images of Mercury
  • Viking 1

    Mapped the surface of Mars, Its lander searched for life on Mars
  • Venera 8

    Made by Soviet, Took a great picture of an object found on Venus
  • Magellan

    Mapped the surface of Venus, had data on Venus's atmosphere