Space Exploration

  • launch of Sputnik

    launch of Sputnik
    this was when sputnik the very first anything was launched into space.
  • First american in space

    Allan shepard becomes the first american into space
  • First humans on earth (Apollo 11)

    first human to walk on the moon was Neil armstrong.
  • Launch of Hubble space telescope

    this was the date that the americans launched the hubble space telescope into space to take clearer and closer images of space.
  • Repair of hubble space telescope

    this was when the americans went into space to rerpair the hubble space telescope because it was taking a lot of foggy images.
  • 2nd repair of the Hubble space telescope

    the second rerpair of the hubble space telescope.
  • 3rd repair of the hubble space telescope

    This was when the americans had to repair the hubble space telescope for the 3rd time.
  • yuri gagarian first human in space

    yuri gagarian first human to travel into space