space exploration

  • Apr 1, 1300

    accurate star map

    the first accurate star map was created by hippuris cobls bettman
    in 130 b,c,
  • Jan 1, 1500

    sun as the center of the solar system

    heliocentric modle in the earley 1500's by nicolace c.
  • sputink 1

    the sputnik one was launched
  • sputnik 2

    the spuntnic 2 was launched into space by the ussr
  • atlas missle

    atlas balistic missle missle was launched
  • first human in space

    yurigagarin was the first man to be sent into space
  • first woman in space

    valentina tereshkova was the first woman to be launched into space
  • apollo 11

    the apollo 11 flight was the first secsesfull flight to land on the moon
  • the commercial space flight

    the commercial space flight was ran by the europeain space agency
  • the I.S.S

    the international space station was created by nasa and is still active today