Timeline created by lr19115
  • Telescope

    The telescope is invented
  • Astronomical Telescope

    Galileo Makes first astronomical telescope
  • Craters

    First Viewing of craters on moon
  • Reflecting teliscope

    Reflecting teliscope
    Issac Newton makes the first reflecting telescope
  • Multi stage rocket

    Andre Bing Patents the multi stage rocket
  • Satelite

    First Artificial Satelite, Launched By USSR, It was Sputnik 1
  • Signals from space

    First signals from space, USSR, Sputnik 1
  • First animal in space

    First animal in space
    First animal in orbit, the dog Laika, USSR, Sputnik 2
  • Solar Wind

    First Detection of solar wind, USSR, Luna 1
  • First plants and animals

    19 August 1960, First Plants and animals return alive from Earth orbit, USSR, Sputnik 5
  • Reusable Spacecraft

    Reusable Spacecraft
    First Reusable manned spacecraft (orbital), USA (NASA), STS-1
  • first Venus Soil

    First Venus soil samples & sound recording of another world, USSR, Venera 13
  • First Beyond Neptune

    First Beyond Neptune
    First spacecraft beyond the orbit of Neptune (first spacecraft to pass beyond all Solar System planets), USA (NASA), Pioneer 10
  • First Asteroid Sample

    First sample return from asteroid (25143 Itokawa), Japan (JAXA), Hayabusa
  • First probe on comet

    First manmade probe to land on a comet (67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko), ESA, Philae lander, carried by the Rosetta probe, as part of the ESA Horizon 2000 cornerstone missions