Son of the Mob by Gordan Korman, fiction, 262

By Big man
  • Sons of the Mob

    Chapters 1 - Chapter 2 pages 1-23
    They are just starting to introduce the characters to the reader. The man actor the kid goes on a date and there is a body in the back of his truck. The girl who he is with sees it and that is the end of them. Well they leave and a car smashes a couple other cars.
  • Sons of a mob.

    Chapter 3- 4 pages 23-43
    In this part of the story it explains about the dads work as the head man in the mob. Also how the kid doesnt want to join the family bussiness. He is in the a football game and no one will touch him because there scared of his dad.
  • Sons of the Mob

    Pages 43-75
    He is going to a college party and he sees Kerndra there and he dances with her. She introduces him to her college boyfriend. The boyfriend leaves and Vince kisses her. He get shoved away by a fight and he loses her. In the mean time he gets a beer poured on his head from the college guy. Then later his uncle invites him to his house. There is a girl that and she is a hit girl but Vince cant except the gift so he leaves. Then he gets head lice and is sent home and so is Kendra.
  • Sons of the Mob

    They head to the pharmcy and get the specail head cream. Then they got to her house. Vince is all frecked out because its a FBI agent that is on the Luca faimly. When he shows up home Vince climbs down the pole to get away from the house.
  • Sons of the Mob

    Pages 76-112
    Vince gets home and washes the shampoo out of his hair. He goes to Kendras the next day so he can get his share of the the bug spray. They get alittle friendly and they are offically dating now. Then he hears her sing. Later he is going to his car with Kendra to take her to work and Jimmy is there. He gives him money to give to his dad. Then his dad says stay out of the family business. But vinvce says no he trust Jimmy to pay him for the money he still owes his dad.
  • Sons of the Mob

    Jimmy is at his school and he has Vinces money. He put the money in Vinces locker and they go together to the locker. Then they figure out he put it in the wrong locker. After they finish breaking into the locker Vince takes it to the city to put in his bank.
  • Sons of the Mob

    Pages 112-150
    Vince trust Jimmy to give him the money by thursday so he stops worring about it but instead he worries about he web site. He has been getting strange people selling cats with weird names. He has go alot of hits and he is worried its a fake. Later in the week he calls Jimmy and meets him and Jimmy says calm down ill have your money Monday. Vince is pissed off but he takes care of Jimmy by taking the money ouyt of the bank to give to his dad for Jimmy. On monday he sees Jimmy.
  • Sons of the Mob

    Page 150-185
    In this section they are at the mall and they see Kendra's dad the FBI agent. Vince spills the beans about his family bisiness. Kendra introduces alex to her dad. Then later Vince makes a money plan for Jimmy and Ed to pay him back. They take him to a strip joint and he says you cant use the luca name to protect you. Then he sees the hooker that Tommy tried to hook him up with and she tells him the truth about the joint that it is a fake. WHen he get home he tells his dad.
  • Sons of the Mob

    Pages 185-210
    His dad yells at him for ever getting joined up in this. Ray feels bad so he hooks Vince up witha date for him and Kendra. They make it a big deal. They have a great night and after Vinces phone dies and he cant use it anymore. When he finally sees Kendra monday she breaks up him because is a loan shark. Then his dicided to go back to the club and use his name against the owner because he knows its a fake. But he doesnt do it.
  • Sons of the Mob.

    pages 210-235
    He decide to tell Jimmy instead so he has to go to this crappy club. He talks to Jimmy in the bathroom and Jimmy understands that they need to stop investing in the club. Later he finds out all the clubs were burned Jimmies Ed's and the strip joint. Later he figures out the wierd people puting the wierd things on his website are code for his family. There horse raceing. Then he goes to school early to set up signs that say homecoming king Vince and Kendra.
  • Sons of the Mob

    Later he goes to ray's house and confronts him about him being a FBI agent under cover in the mob.
  • Sons of the Mob

    pages 235-262
    He is talking to Ray about how he is a FBI agent. Then Ray shows him a tape and in it his mom is calling the hits on the other man that was spost to be the leader of the Mob but she wants him gone so she calls the hit. Vince gives Ray a chance to flee the land so his dad doesnt kill him when Vince tells his dad. When he gets home he goes down to the basement and tells his dad. He freacks out and says that vince should of never got in the business buthe did such a good job.
  • Sons of the Mob

    Now he wants to put him in the mob. He gives Vince a envelope full of money and say that its his cut. When he is at the homecoming he finds out that he and kendra are not King and Queen. The next day he goes to school and he sees Kendra at his locker. Ray told her the true story that he isnt a loan shark. They get back together and are happy.
    THE END...