Social Realism Films

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    Films in Social Realism

  • Sparrows Can't Sing

    Genre shows East End of London in the early 1960's and society in this time.
  • Made in England

    This film shows the genre social realism other aspect which is the views of society on people whom are different for example this film is based around the time when skinheads were a well known group. This group is sterotypically known for being racist towards blacks and people who are not white. They are often assiocated with violence.
  • Raining Stones

    Hardships of earning money in a poor background. While keeping care of your family and being deeply religious and with these aspects doing anything to make the money to keep your family safe.
  • Billy Elliot

    The genre of social realism in this film shows the aspects of being sterotypically judged because of your background, For example his brother and father are miners however he wants to dance, because this isnt right in the eyes of society he is shunned apon.
  • Dirty Pretty Things

    Genre shows the impact of society in modern days as an illegal immigrant and the hardships of trying to earn money and run from the law.
  • Precious

    Modern Social Realism Genre of drugs, gangs, reality. Specifically in this film the hardships of rape and problems in family also keeping care of a child an a young age.