Snickers Advertising Campaign

  • Pitch to Class

  • Period: to

    Snickers Advertising Campaign

    Entire working period for project
  • Pitch to Panel

  • PDP Draft Due

  • PDP Due

  • Begin Production

  • Film Fitness Commercial

    Going to be done in Senior School gym. Both people needed for the commercial will be there that morning.
  • Film Exam Commercial

    Going to be done in long tutes
  • Film Basketball Commercial

    Will be filmed at Newtown Primary. Both actors live quite close to this school, makes it ideal.
  • Film Failing to Womanise Commercial

    Will do at school during lunch and tutes.
  • Film Teacher Commercial

    Done during long tutes most likely, but may be able to do during lunch.
  • Film Sporting Commercial

    This will most likely be done on college oval.
  • Period: to

    Editing/ Extra Filiming Time (If Needed)

    This gives me a large amount of time to complete editing and to re-film anything if need be.
  • Draft Product Due

  • Final Product Due