Snap of Technology

  • Graham Bell...has a nice "ring" to it.

    Graham Bell...has a nice "ring" to it.
    Telephone History The first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell
  • Farnsworth and the Television

    Farnsworth and the Television
    First Television Philo T. Farnsworth was the inventor of the first television!
  • Zuse is the man!

    Zuse is the man!
    Who invented the first computer?
    Konrad Zuse invented the Z1 Computer. This was the first computer that was freely programmable.
  • Russell with the Rom

    Russell with the Rom
    CD James T. Russell created the CD-ROM.
  • Jobs got 'er done!

    Jobs got 'er done!
    The iPod Steve jobs created the first iPod would would allow for "1000 songs in your pocket".