• born

    Slash was born on july 23, 1965. born in hampstead, london,england. real name is saul hudson.
  • married

    married madam perla ferrar on october 15, 2001
  • son

    his 1st son london emilio born 2002
  • total guitar

    total guitar
    ranked "sweet child o' mine" #1 on the list of 100 greatest riffs in 2004
  • son

    cash anthony born 2004
  • best guitar

    best guitar
    in 2005 named best guitarest
  • honored

    honored with a star on the rock walk of fame
  • guitar world

    guitar world
    named his solo "november rain" #6 on the list of 100 greatist guitar solos in 2008
  • named runner up

    named runner up
    time named slash runner up on there list of "the top 10 best electric guitar players' in 2009
  • phenias and ferb

    phenias and ferb
    was contriduted in the song kick it up a notch
  • super bowl half time show

    he played the guitar on the super bowl half time show.
  • super bowl half time show

    played the guitar on the half time show
  • slash day

    slash day
    august 26 is slash day