Skin Cancer 20 Years of History

By JoPD97
  • A common thing Skin cancer is

    Skin cancer is an infrequently lethal health issue
    Causes discomfort and disfiguration
  • Period: to

    Sin Cancer 20+years history

  • Annual report of 1983

    Report after great Doctor appointed director - "Our ability to attract a well-known qualified epidemiologist as director augers well for the future development of registry information services and cancer epidemiology."
    An Australian media report examined the rise of cancer rates and as such, 2 suggestions put forth by director 1st - trial to improve overall quality of information that flows to cancer egistry. 2nd - government should raise investigative squad to examine materials causing cancer
  • 50th anniversary of cancer council

    50th anniversery took place and a 'Lone Crusader' - aka Cancer Man - donated 15 thousand dollars
  • Step forward

    A massive step forward in passing of tobacco legislationneeds to be followed up in order to eliminate cigarette advertising - in all forms - to help in lessening rates of cancer.
  • Health 2000 (know known as health 2020)

    Dr McCaughey, Gov of Vic opened health 2000 to help study, directed by cancer epidemiology centre, it seeks to discover new aspects helping lifestyle and health
  • 2 new initiatives

    1st - formalisation of living with cancer education programm
    2nd - patient support system
  • Dr Giles set up a...

    Dr Giles sets up a long term study for a selective ethnic groups, based on diet and lifestyle aspects
  • Coffee morning

    A massive total of 10 thousand participants in Vic for Australias Biggest coffee morning - 500 cups of coffee sold, raising total of 70 thousand dollars
  • Ritiree

    Dr Gray retired handing directorship over into Professor Burtons hands
  • John Clarke the satirist

    A new member appointed to governing council - John Clarke, the Satirist.
  • Relay For Life!!

    A relay styled fundraising event introduced to Australia raising money for cancer - Relay For Life
  • New Name New Logo

    Cancer council changed to anti-cancer council of Vic and logo is now a daffodil
  • Profeesor makes groundbreaking work

    Proffessor Emeritus Donald Metcalf was honoured by cancer council for groundbreaking work in stimulating factors colony
  • Lots of Money for a whopping issue

    Professor David Hill announced that over past 70 years a total of $175 million spent for research
  • Australia day

    Australia day award - awarded to Professor D Hill for courageous work fighting cancer nation wide
  • New Chief Executive

    New chief executive, Todd Harper, tasked with th job of bringing forth the organisation into new coming era