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Sk8 the infinity

By sh8hd
  • The beginning

    The beginning
    It all starts at the S circuit, where skateboard races are held, where Reki Kyan competes against another kind of nickname Shadow, and later in his career, he is injured and destroys his skateboard, which was part of the bet.
  • The friendship

    The friendship
    The next day, Langa, a Canadian and Japanese exchange student, comes to Reki's school and joins the same group. later, when Langa is looking for work, they meet again and Reki provides him with a job, working in the same place as him which is the skateboard, as well as teach him how to skateboard. The creator in fact confirmed that Reki was interested in Langa from before.
  • The event

    The event
    After spending time together, Reki goes to Langa to assist him with the delivery of the skateboard, but they both get confused confused about the board and end up carrying one poor condition. Because of his injury, Reki is unable to compete in the skateboard race. Langa chooses to do it himself, relying on his previous snowboarding experiences. Cherry, Joe, and Adam, the three founders of the S races, were all surprised by Langas success.
  • Miya's first appearance

    Miya's first appearance
    Because of the uproar produced by Langa, many people all around the world reached out to Miya Chinen, a 13-year-old national skateboarding champion who wanted to race Langa. Langa took up the challenge and triumphed. When Adam comes to punish Miya and challenge Langa, the rude Reki takes his place and competes against him, despite Cherry blossom and Joe's warnings.
  • Repercussions

    After facing Adam on the track, Reki does his hardest to move forward and achieve the goal first, but because Adam is a founder who does things the dirty way, he injures Reki physically and mentally, but not considerably. Cherry and Joe (Adams ex-friends) join him after dealing a powerful emotional blow to Langa, telling him about their opponent and instructing him on how to avoid their techniques.
  • Hot springs

    Hot springs
    Because Rekis injuries had not healed, Langa, Miya, and Shadow decided to take him to some hot springs, where they met Cherry and Joe, who were on business and vacation, respectively. on days when they went to the nearby beach, they had a nice time, but Reki began to doubt his skateboarding ability after seeing Langa progress so much in such a short time
  • Reki's doubt

    Reki's doubt
    Reki recognizes that, despite his inexperience, Langa is more well-known than he (who has been there much longer) and that his is superior on a casual night at S, where people were trying tricks or running for fun. skating. Reki begins to doubt his own abilities.
  • The problem begins

    The problem begins
    Reki and Langa decide to skate to school together like the "friends" they are, but when they discuss Adam, they both become enraged; they decide to let go of him, and in a descent, they decide to jump in the attempt of Langa, who reaches higher than Reki and touches a star graffiti with his fingers; from that point on, Reki stops doubting and accepts it as a reality " Langa is much better than him."
  • The discussion

    The discussion
    Reki is upset and tries to argue with him but he doesn't understand, Langa tries to apologize and provides his arguments "he is not a monster, he is an incredible skater" and then he tries to apologize but only Reki accepts his apology. he replies "Do you realize how much I trust you if you apologize because you breached your promise? We're no longer a good match"
  • Rekis comeback

    Rekis comeback
    Reki is depressed after their discussion, yet he decides to attend Adams' tournament in an unknown location out of pure curiosity. When Langa lacks motivation because to the argument he and Reki had 5 days previously, Reki yells Langas name at him and encourages him to continue skating and win.
  • Adam causes Cherry pain

    Adam causes Cherry pain
    Cherry and Adam engage in the same tournament in order to advance to the next round and determine who is the greatest after years of competition. Despite the fact that he was racing against an old foe, Adam was dissatisfied, so he decided to finish the race by slamming into Cherry, who was in the lead, seriously hurting Cherry.
  • Reuniting

    Langa is left wondering what happened after the tournament and tries to speak with Reki, but later regrets his decision. Reki, on the other hand, sees Langa being ran over by someone and tells him to put down his skateboard (by Tadashi, Adams' assistant), but he gets sad and remembers his reason for skating, "because it's enjoyable," and goes over to apologize to Langa.
  • The end

    The end
    They decide to discuss what they should do after their reunion in order for Adam to leave Langa alone. He urged "give him what he wants," which Reki agreed upon, and the two of them prepared. As race day arrived, Adam regained his composure and understood why he was skating. As they near the finish line, Langa wins the race and leaps into Reki's arms. Later, Adam apologizes to every character he has physically and mentally injured.