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  • 1552

    The begining

    The begining
    Walter Raleigh was born in England
  • 1580

    He became a sodier

    He became a sodier
    Walter Releigh fought for the English in Ireland
  • He go to North América

    He go to North América
    Raleight paid for men to go to North América
  • The Native Americans

    Englishmen (That were living there) returned to England, but Raleigh send men to North América
  • The secret wedding

    The secret wedding
    Raleigh secretly married one of the queen's ladies
  • He was arrested

    He was arrested
    He was arrested and waseventually sent to prisionin the tower of London
  • The second expedition

    He went on a second expedition to search for El Dorado
  • His death

    His death
    he was arrested again and executed