Singer Turned Activist - "Real leadership is when everyone else feels in charge"

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  • Persistent

    The band created in 1976, U2, is one of the most successful today. Keeping and growing this brand in the turbulence of the music industry took passion, persistent, patience, energy, faith, courage, and discipline from all band members.
    Today he is constantly educating himself on the people, economies, and urging issues in developing countries. He is persistent in maintaining high standards and making a change.
  • Big thinker

    Big thinker
    Bono helped persuade global leaders to write off debt owed by the poorest countries. He broke the stereotype of a rock star. He cares about changing the world; he is not limited by expectations. He decided to do something huge and see if it worked – and it did.
  • Risk taker

    Risk taker
    → Bono encouraged the Bush administration and others to vastly increase AIDS relief. He convince Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Jesse Helms to increase America's aid to Africa more than fourfold, from around $2 billion in 2000 to $8 billion in 2009. Even if it was a risk - maybe it failed - trying to achieve this huge goal, it was worth it after all. Bono decided to take things in his won hands and make the difference he wanted to see.
  • Positive and hope – filled

    Positive and hope – filled
    ONE campaign and RED
    As of late 2009, the Global Fund of these campaigns had helped support antiretroviral treatment for 2.5 million people; helped provide 105 million HIV counseling and testing sessions; and helped finance 4.5 million instances of basic care and support services for orphans and vulnerable children. Bono's leadership also involves selling these organizations and their work to all kinds of stakeholders. Bono kept a positive outlook on these issues and saw them more as an area
  • Change master

    Change master
    The band members believe in promoting social awareness and human rights. These themes appear in some of their songs. In today’s changing world, it is important to communicate these ideas of change for a better tomorrow. It is important to remain true to one’s beliefs & change alongside today’s society.
  • Decision Making

    Decision Making
    Bono decided to use not only his artistic abilities, but combine them with his political, spiritual and strategic capabilities. Bono’s activism has become part of the U2 brand, changing the way that millions of people see the group and their products.
  • Accepts and uses power wisely

    Accepts and uses power wisely
    Bono decided to use his influence with his fans to help people who are suffering. He uses campaigns and his songs to promote his beliefs. As an influential artist and activist, he can persuade many people, he must take advantage of this. In the past he has accomplished this by moving people to help good causes that will essentially help other people who are in bad conditions.