Significant Events in Antarctica

  • Antarctic Circle

    Antarctic Circle
    Captain James Cook and his crew were the first human beings to cross the Antarctic Circle.
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    Significent Events in Antarctica

  • Land at Last!

    Land at Last!
    The first person to spot land on the continent was Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen.
  • On The Ice!

    On The Ice!
    The first person to actually land on the continent was John Davis.
  • John Weddell

    John Weddell
    John Weddell also known as Weddell sea bears went the furthest south into the Antarctic.
  • Plant Life

    Plant Life
    The first plant life in Antarctica was the lichen and was found by Carsten Borchgrevinink.
  • Surviving Winter

    Surviving Winter
    The forst people to survive through winter were Adrein de Gerlache and his crew.
  • The Successful South Pole

    The Successful South Pole
    The first successful trip to the South Pole was lead by Roald Amundsen.
  • Permanent Settement

    Permanent Settement
    The first permanent settlement happened around this time.
  • Antarctic Treaty

    Antarctic Treaty
    Antarctic Treaty got signed by many nations.
  • Ozone Layer

    Ozone Layer
    Small ozone holes formed over Antarctica