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  • Auguste and Louis Lumière

    Auguste and Louis Lumière
    The Lumiere brothers were two of the very first film makers, starting out their careers by attending the largest technical school in Lyon. The Lumières held their first private screening of projected motion pictures in 1895, it went public after this.
    Their very first film was 48 seconds long, called La Sortie de l'Usine Lumière à Lyon (literally, "the exit from the Lumière factory in Lyon"). They then went on to make more short films all of which were under 1 minute long.
  • Charlie Chaplin

    Charlie Chaplin
    CircusSir Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin, was an English comic actor, film director and composer best known for his work during the silent film era. One of his well known short fims called the Circus is another of his silent movies. He was very influential to the genre of short film as he was one of the spear heads to making silent movies popular.
  • Progress

    Short films were much more common than feature films in the 1920's. Using cartoons as the main genre for these films. These cartoons were mainly Disney featuring characters such as Mickey Mouse.
  • Luis Bunuel

    Luis Bunuel
    Un Chien Andalou was Bunuel's first short film at only 16 minutes long, it was produced in France. His films were famous for how surreal they aree shot films in a few weeks, never deviating from his script and shooting in order as much as possible to minimize editing time. He told actors as little as possible, and limited his directions mostly to physical movements.
  • Tim Burton

    Tim Burton
    Stalk of the celery monsterTim Burton much like many other famous film makers of today started out by making short films. Unlike many others though, his genre has not changed, the ideas that he had in the 1980's he has carried with him to his feature length films now. 'Stalk of the celery monster' was one of his first short films which was then spotted by Disney from which he gained an animators apprentiship leading to his success of today.
  • Ashvin Kumar

    Ashvin Kumar
    Kumar is an independent Indian filmaker who has been involved in short films, feature length and documentries. Road to Ladakh was his first film that was released, and again like many other filmakers he went with making a short film before continuing onto feature length. He has inspired a lot of people and has become the only Indian nominated for an Oscar in the short film catagory.
  • Doodlebug - Christopher Nolan

    Doodlebug - Christopher Nolan
    Doodlebug filmChristopher Nolan is now a major Hollywood producer and this 1997 short film, Doodlebug, displays the darker tone that would serve him so well in his later, feature film career. It shows a ragged man tormented by a bug in his ratty apartment.
  • Sam Walker

    Sam Walker
    Pool sharkWalker has created a lot of short films with very literal meanings, such as 'tea break' and 'pool shark' both of which show aspects of English culture, which make the viewer understand them even though most of the time they are completely odd. They are also very over exaggerated of a simple idea.
  • YouTube

    YouTube is a video-sharing website, created by three former PayPal employees,which users can upload, share and view videos.In November 2006, YouTube, LLC was bought by Google Inc. for US$1.65 billion, and now operates as a subsidiary of Google. Youtube has made it simple for young filmakers to get their material out for people to see, and for producers to view.
  • Film Festivals

    Film Festivals
    Film Festivals are a moderatly new way of film makers, particularly young ones, to showcase their work! Many film funders attened film festivals to look out for tallented young film makers.