Shimon Peres - Timeline

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  • Shimon Peres Was Born In the town of Vishneva in Poland

  • He immigrated to Israel with his family and was educated at the "Geula" school in Tel Aviv and the agricultural school in Ben Shemen.

  • He headed a group of Hanoar Haoved from Ben Shemen for training in Kibbutz Geva in the Harod Valley. He joined the founders of the Alumot group in the Lower Galilee, where he worked as a shepherd, dairy farmer and secretary of the kibbutz.

  • he was elected to the national secretariat of Hanoar Haoved,

  • Shimon Peres married his girlfriend Sonia nee Gelman, whom he met in Ben Shemen. They established their family in the Alumot group.

  • Shimon Peres was recruited to the ranks of the Haganah, where he dealt in manpower and arms acquisition. He continued to deal with these issues in the Defense Ministry during the first period of the War of Independence.

  • Peres was appointed head of the Defense Ministry delegation to the United States and worked with his friend Al Schwimmer to purchase equipment and ammunition for the air force of the young state.

  • Shimon Peres was appointed director general of the Ministry of Defense

  • Shimon Peres was first elected to the Fourth Knesset

  • Shimon Peres was the fifth defense minister (1974-1977)

  • Served as chairman of the Labor Party for the longest time in 15 years (1977-1992)

  • Shimon Peres Was served as Prime Minister of Israel (1984-1986)

  • Shimon Peres was the eighth foreign minister (1986-1988)

  • Shimon Peres was the 13th Finance Minister (1988-1990)

  • Shimon Peres was the 11th foreign minister (1992-1995)

  • After the Rabin assassination, Shimon Peres was again prime minister of Israel and the sixth defense minister

  • Shimon Peres was the President of the State of Israel

  • Shimon Peres died at the age of 93 In Chaim Sheba Medical Center - Tel Hashomer, Ramat Gan