Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror

By alig03
  • The pit and the Pendulum

    The pit and the Pendulum
    Everything was dark, the touch was the only thing that described the place, he found himself closed when he felt that he was surrounded after his intention to tore a piece of cloth from his shirt. He fell asleep.
  • The pit and the pendulum - 2

    The pit and the pendulum - 2
    When he woke up, found a jug of water and a loaf of bread, he wondered what was in the center of the room, letting him see a pit. A door opened allowing him to see the room, he ate and fell asleep again. (his torture was jumping into the pit, he thought)
  • The pit an the pendulum - 3

    The pit an the pendulum - 3
    When he woke up, he was lying down, tied up, found a plate with meat and saw a man with an hourglass, he had a blade making the movement of a pendulum. There were rats, and he had a great idea, he took the meat and spread it over his clothes, the rats would cut what tied him, but it wasn't enough and he waited for the pendulum to cut the rope.
  • The pit and the pendulum - 4

    The walls were getting smaller and they were burning, it was falling into the hole or dying from the heat of the walls, when he thought he was falling, they took him by the arm (French army had captured the city of toledo) all the prisoners were free.
  • The gold bug

    The gold bug
    Legrand lived on an island, he liked to draw and talk about animals, birds ... that Jupiter and he see. The storyteller visited him and found no one, when Legrand and Jupiter arrived surprised because they found an unusual bug; a beetle with a round body and six legs. On its back there were three strange marks. (Head of death)
  • The gold bug - 2

    The gold bug - 2
    After a month Jupiter went to Chalestorn to tell the storyteller that Legrand "had gone crazy" was not eating, and he was pale. He sent a letter to the storyteller and asked him to come and tell them the new ones.
  • The gold bug - 3

    The gold bug - 3
    When he arrived with Jupiter, Legrand said he had been studying the red letters he found on a boat near where he saw the beetle (he thinks it is magical), so Legrand took them to a place where there was a tall tree, followed the instructions of the paper that had previously warmed up and written letters in red letters.
  • The gold bug - 4

    The gold bug - 4
    They had found a treasure. He found it easily from the stories of a captain William Kidd. (They were rich)
  • The facts in the case of MR Valdemar

    The facts in the case of MR Valdemar
    The storyteller says that a patient named Valdemar was interested in his hypnotic theory. He had little time left to live, and he told the storyteller to hymnise him before his death.
  • The facts in the case of MR Valdemar - 2

    The facts in the case of MR Valdemar - 2
    He hypnotized him he did not know if he was dead or alive so he put a mirror to control his breathing put a mirror. then his body was cold and his heart stopped beating and spoke from something deep and not from his will to be alive
  • The facts in the case of MR Valdemar - 3

    So the doctor cannot take him for dead. His body lasted seven months, after the storyteller woke him up, yellow liquid started to come out, reducing it to a puddle and some bones.
  • The fall of the house of Usher

    The fall of the house of Usher
    The storyteller went to the house of his old Usher friend, who sent him a letter to visit him because he was ill. Once inside, he did not feel comfortable and saw his friend badly. Usher's sister entered the room where they were and did not look or speak to them.
  • The fall of the house of Usher - 2

    The fall of the house of Usher - 2
    Everything seemed normal, they talked, they drew ... but Usher's smile was disappearing, one day he told the storyteller that his sister had died and he needed help to put her in the coffin, they were both nervous.

    They put the body in the coffin, but nothing was the same Usher stopped sleeping, one day it was windy and it was raining so Usher was very nervous, said that his sister was coming for him, then Madeline arrived at the room where Usher and the storyteller were, was Madeline went to him and he went to her, they both died and the storyteller left, but once he crossed the river he saw the house disappear and sink into the water.
  • Down into the Maelstrom

    Down into the Maelstrom
    The storyteller and the guide looked at the sea to see the whirlpool in the water, the tide changes twice a day. the whirlpool was between the islands of Moskoe and Vurrgh.
    Then a lot of foam started to appear and a hole opened in the see.
  • Down into the Maelstorm - 2

    Down into the Maelstorm - 2
    The guide told his story about the whirlpool; He went fishing with his brothers, but when they returned home it started to get windy and a storm appeared. Then he realized that his watch had stopped, a hole had opened in the sea and his boat was heading towards the hole, the guide maintained his life thanks to being tied to a barrel.
  • The masque of the red death

    The masque of the red death
    A great illness invaded the country. The Prosperous Prince made the most powerful people enter the castle fleeing from an illness.
    And to forget this disease, they made a type of "party" where they had fun, everyone would wear masks.
  • The masque of the red death - 2

    In one of the rooms there was a clock that played every hour, when midnight came they saw a stranger, this stranger had the disease, they all died.
  • The Oblong box

    The Oblong box
    This story is about on a ship, the storyteller is going to travel to New York but he looks at the lists and recognizes a passenger (Cornelius Watt) he was a painter and the storyteller had heard news from Cornelius, that he had married. Cornelius had reserved three cabins , two of them were busy but there was one that had a box, the storyteller thought that perhaps it could be valuable paintings,
  • The Oblong box

    Cornelius wasn't feeling bad and was very rude, the storyteller also thought about being rude to him, but when he did it only caused Cornelius to pass out.
  • The Oblong box

    The Oblong box
    Cornelius was not separating from the box, but one day, there was a great wind that made the boat go crazy, which made it unmanageable, they got into boats but Cornelius wasn't, Cornelius was dragging the box, he did not want to leave without the box, then he threw himself with it in to the sea.
  • The Oblong box

    Months later, the storyteller was speaking to the captain, telling him that the box contained the body of Cornelio's wife.